1. Pick your items

Choose any makeup products you like, mix & match any color!

-Monthly Subscription- Pick three products and get  20 % OFF

-Bi-Monthly Subscription- Pick three products and get  15 % OFF

-Every 3 Month Subscription- Pick three products and get  10 % OFF

2. Enjoy

Enjoy your products at a discounted price, they should arrive within two weeks.

3. Update your items any time.

After you receive the first order, you can change your items anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the available makeup products to choose from?

In every monthly package you'll receive 3 products: One for Face, One for Lips, One for Eyes (lip balm is not valid in the promotion) you can choose any three make up products any colors each month and choose new products based on your needs.

When will I receive my makeup kit?

Your first and every subsequent package will be sent your way within two weeks from when your payment is made!

When will my card be charged?

You only need to sign up for the subscription once. Your card or Paypal will automatically be charged on the same date in the following months!

How long does the subscription last?

As long as you want! If you've been subscribed for the whole 12 months, we'll just restart you all over again and send you your products.