Chantael Beauty Club

How It Works 

Chantael Beauty Club

Our carefully chosen beauty kit is made to make sure you never run out of necessary vegan makeup supplies. It offers organization, convenience, and adaptability, easing the fear of running out of your favorite vegan makeup products and, most of all, at the greatest possible price. It also makes your beauty regimen more seamless.

How It Works:

Chantael Beauty Club - Monthly Subscription- Save 20% OFF

Chantael Beauty Club - Every Two Months Subscription – Save 15% OFF

Chantael Beauty Club - Every Three Month Subscription – Save 10% OFF

What will you get?

You will receive three products in each monthly package (lip balm is not included in the promotion). You are free to select any three makeup products, mix and match them, select any color, and select new items each month based on your needs. You are free to combine and contrast. The saving you choose will be applied in the selection of your products and in the shopping cart.

When will I receive my makeup kit?

Your first and every subsequent package will be sent your way within two weeks from when your payment is made!

When will my card be charged?

You only need to sign up for the subscription once. Your card or PayPal will automatically be charged on the same date in the following months!

How long does the subscription last?

As long as you want!

What if I do not like my product, colors?

Your happiness is my goal, and if you are not happy with the color you get, first consider gifting it to a friend who would Love it! Otherwise, within 7 days of your receiving the product, please email me at and we can arrange an exchange with any other color you see in the collection.

You will only be charge once every month. You can opt out at any time.